My name is Sébastien Lambottin. I live in montreal, Canada.
I have been working in the videogame industry as a senior/lead designer for 16 years now.
I worked for some of the biggest publishers worldwide such as Ubisfot, Atari, EA and Activision.

Recently I was the principal designer for the naval of Assassin’s creed IV: Black Flag at Ubisoft Montreal.

I’m still working now on the Assassin’s creed brand.

During my career I have also co-founded a videogame studio named Kandogames :

I’ve shipped 9 titles including many AAA titles and prestigious series: Assassin’s creed, Spiderman, Need for Speed, Spore, Alone in the dark.

Please take a look at the different categories on the left to know more about my experience.

Here’re some articles I’ve written about my game design knowledge. Those articles have been posted on both Gamasutra and Kotaku:

1 Gamasutra link about my design and prototyping methodology:  prototyping methodology

2 Gamasutra link about my combat system knowledge:

3 Kotaku link:

In “AAA- shipped videogames” section you’ll find videos and details about my involvement in the design of the games I’ve shipped.In the other sections you will find samples of both personal and professional works, including a lot of prototypes i have been developing to show some of my skills.
Here’s my two last prototypes that you might take a look at: